Hello and welcome to my page!!

My name is Justin DeCapite (Dee-Capp-it), I am a self-taught artist in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I enjoy sarcasm, craft beers, and long walks on the many beaches of Colorado….

I live with my two dogs Milly and Roxy who happen to think my artwork is pretty amazing, so you probably should too as they have excellent taste. I can’t say that I really specialize in any one particular style or medium as I love the creative process and expanding my areas of experience as well as growing my “comfort zone” within my own artwork.

I most enjoy creating commissioned pieces, whether it is a painting, tattoo design, or various graphic design work for businesses, teams or organization logos, etc.. Creating custom pieces allows me to visit and practice different styles that I may not usually employ in my work, which is a lot of fun for me going outside of my “norm”.

Some of my favorite styles to work with are abstract, realism, tattoo, pop culture, comic book and abstract. Due to the broad range of styles my work as a whole is difficult to describe, but one way to describe almost all of my work is “vibrant and bold”. You won’t find many dulled tones here.

I have done a few custom pieces for local sports figures such as Von Miller, Shane Ray, Will Parks, Derek Wolfe, and Devontae Booker. These pieces for the Denver Broncos players were a lot of fun to create and I’d love to do more for some of the other local athletes here in Colorado.

Almost all of my original work is for sale, I also like to make myself available for any charity auctions or events as well.


Comment or send an email if you would like to inquire about availability of any current pieces or for your very own custom piece.

Thank you for visiting my page!


–Justin DeCapite